Drawings, sketches, doodles, licensed images Vanessa attempted to draw and etc. Not all of the subjects are owned by Vanessa Otero, but they were all drawn by her in these photos.

Drawings, Ink and Pencil

Never Forgets
Never Forgets
Gorilla and Baby
Gorilla and Baby
Bob's alright Ma
Bob's alright Ma
Deviously Dexter in Ink
Devious Dexter
Skull in Ink
Skull in Ink
Movin to the country
Movin to the Country
Bottles in Ink

Painting, Watercolor and Acrylic

African Long Horse
African Longhorse
Hippo and Baby
Hippo And Baby
Peacock Replicated
Peacock - Replicated
Ol' Blue Eyes
Ol' Blue Eyes
Follow Your Nose
follow your nose
Death's Comfort - Acrylic Collage
Death's comfort
Dreaming of Poppies Acrylic Collage
Morpheus Dreams
Passage des Postes Watercolor
Passage Des Postes
Mountains final attempt Watercolor
Lavender Mountains
Foggy Replication Watercolor
Foggy Bottom
Chinese tree Watercolor
Cherry Tree
Chinese waterfall attempt 2 Watercolor
Chinese waterfall Watercolor
Bottles Watercolor
Terra cotta Watercolor


Dexter Sketch
Alice in Wonderland Sketch
Carnival Sketch
Carnival Sketch
Cheshire Sketch
Cheshire Sketch
Flaming Roger Sketch
Gun Sketch
Hank Venture Sketch
Jolly Roger Sketch
Manchester Sketch
Masks Sketch
Fish Sketch
Peaches Sketch
Peaches Sketch
Reaper Sketch
skull Sketch
Sparrows Sketch
Triforce Sketch
Hyrulian Shield Sketch