Welcome to my site!

Hey guys! Expect a new site in the coming weeks! Updated stuff! Hurray!


The new site is up and fully functional! Just added a PDF version of my resume, and a text resume on the About the Artist page. Contact form should be up and running - the server I host on doesn't like me to write my own scripts, apparently I have to use their form builder. Boo!

Noticing some issues with my flash projects. They play fine on the computer, but I think some of them are in need of a loading screen on the projects - so that is something I am working on. I am also going through and reworking some of my older flash projects. I was looking at the .flas thinking "WHY?!?!?" I also had some issues with early projects not saving all the files, so when I went in to update it, some of the files went missing. So it is a little messy, rebuilding files and trying to make them better - what else am I to do?

I am working on a mobile site, which will be found at m.vanessow.com. This is just to step into the newer technology, get some practice on the newer formats of information, and I love the idea of simplifying a website so extremely. It has made me feel so absolutely old-school. I don't even have a smart phone to test it on - I'll have to borrow a friend's or try out my kindle's experimental browser. For now it is going to be a simple html site, later on I may develop it further. Fancify it, if you will.