Welcome to my site!

Welcome to my new and improved portfolio. I am glad you have taken the time from your busy life to check out my artwork, traditional and digital. Poke around a bit. It is a work in progress, and something is always being worked on or updated. To read more about me, there's the blog and the About the Artist page.


The new site is up and fully functional! Just added a PDF version of my resume, and a text resume on the About the Artist page. Contact form should be up and running - the server I host on doesn't like me to write my own scripts, apparently I have to use their form builder. Boo!

Noticing some issues with my flash projects. They play fine on the computer, but I think some of them are in need of a loading screen on the projects - so that is something I am working on. I am also going through and reworking some of my older flash projects. I was looking at the .flas thinking "WHY?!?!?" I also had some issues with early projects not saving all the files, so when I went in to update it, some of the files went missing. So it is a little messy, rebuilding files and trying to make them better - what else am I to do?

I am working on a mobile site, which will be found at m.vanessow.com. This is just to step into the newer technology, get some practice on the newer formats of information, and I love the idea of simplifying a website so extremely. It has made me feel so absolutely old-school. I don't even have a smart phone to test it on - I'll have to borrow a friend's or try out my kindle's experimental browser. For now it is going to be a simple html site, later on I may develop it further. Fancify it, if you will.